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Vision Therapy in the Media

Vision Therapy in the Media

College of Optometrists in Vision Development. View site 1 View site 2

The Doctors: Double Vision. View site

P.A.V.E – Parents Active for Vision Education. View site

KSTP – ADD/ADHD and the vision link. View site

News 12 New Jersey – ADD/ADHD and vision by Dr. Leonard Press. View site

National Eye Institute: N.E.I. View site

San Diego Living – Vision Problems in 3-D by Dr. Carl Hillier, O.D. View site

KTLA – 3-D vision and Vision Problems by Dr. Elise Brisco, O.D. View site

NJN News Healthwatch Report – Vision Therapy by Dr. Barry Tannan, O.D. View site

Vision Therapy Experiences

Vision-related Learning:



After Vision Therapy

Amblyopia: Lazy Eye

Sports Therapy: